MiniMO: Birth to Pre-K

Every Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am Service

In MiniMo We Work To Provide A CARING, PRAYING And GODLY Environment That Includes Fun And Focused Learning.   We Want Our Leaders To Show Children By Their Example And We Want Our Environment To Flow In An Effective And Efficient Way That Would Make The Lesson “Sticky” Or Memorable To Each Child.  Each Week We Send Home A Parent Handout To Help Parents Make Sure That What We Do On Sundays Doesn’t Just Stay On Sundays.  In MiniMo We Believe We Are Here To Be A Servant To  Parents In  Helping Our Mini’s Have An EVERYDAY FAITH!


Providing a caring, loving, safe place each Sunday from a diaper change to a pray over a bruise. Each kid will know we care  and the parents will have the ability to worship in Adult church with no worry.


Teaching them how to speak to God and making sure each one is prayed for every Sunday.


Teaching them how much God loves them.